Lifesmiracle is the network marketing business that's getting ready to explode! Timing could not be better for LifesMiracle and Ionic Fuel Nitro3. I am so excited to be a part of it! I had an ah-ha moment yesterday sitting at my desk and decided that I was going to go full steam in this company. It is so easy to succeed in network marketing if you have the right product at the right time and I believe that LifesMiracle has that product in Nitro3.

5 Star Review by Renae Estes on 02/24/2011

Nitro 3 A Win, Win! I am no longer sitting in the dugout, hoping to score a homerun. LifesMiracle has put snap in my swing and homeruns on the board with Nitro 3! The Energy Drink market is huge, our samples convincing and THAT scores homeruns. It’s a win win! I believe in this company and I’m in it to go to the top!

5 Star Review by Gerri H on 02/24/2011

I Love this company I've tried network marketing many times before, and never had any success, never enrolled a single person, until I joined LifesMiracle. The Nitro 3 is an unbelievable Energy Drink that’s super easy to share. I’m so excited because people love the samples I give them and want more! I’ll see you at the top!

5 Star Review by Kathy M. on 02/23/2011

LifesMiracle changed my life! "My name is Don Loyd, living in Fresno, CA and I'm 66 years old with high risk medical conditions: I've had quadruple heart bypass surgery, coronary artery disease, heart atrial fibrillation, sleep apnea, type II diabetes, high irregular cholesterol, and severe joint pain. Last October, my wife was talking with a classmate in Texas about my ongoing health problems: heart rate & breathing, depression, lack of energy, and weight gain, which the medications were not more.

He suggested LifesMiracle and had been using it for several years, and proceeded to set up a conference call with Jeff Bennert at the wellness clinic in Texas. I reluctantly agreed to the call, but in all honesty expected someone to tell me to go off ALL my medications and use their health products. However, my Cardiologist had just told me that the pace maker/defibrillator was not effective due to the damaged muscle on the left side of my heart. I realized my life was at high risk and I needed to make immediate and drastic changes in my health and lifestyle but had many previous failed attempts at diet and exercise plans.

During the conference call Jeff explained the side effects of my medications and the deficiencies in my body which required the medications and gradual increases necessary to maintain my health. He advised me to not change any medications and suggested three products that he felt would help because of their research and individual results in areas of my personal health. He also said to use them for 60 days and if it was not effective discontinue use of the products, he also requested that my primary doctor and my cardiologist be informed of the new products.

Within 30 days I went completely off Paxil 20mg (depression-daily), Naproxen 500mg (joint pain-twice daily), and Darvocet 100mg (back pain-tree times daily also all over the counter meds for joint pain and allergies. The LifesMiracle products I used were LifesBody, Tri-ZymePlus, and Gammaqui, during the past eight months (Oct. 2009-July 2010) I have had amazing results in my health also co-pays and other medicines were reduced $90.00 monthly.

My starting weight was 242 lbs now 212 lbs, pant size was 42” now 38”, shirt size 2X now XL and my new weight goal for Oct. 2010 is 200 lbs. The big change was in my overall health, I am not depressed, have lots of energy, no high heart rate or strained breathing, also no snoring or gasping for air at night (which pleases my wife) and I am able to sleep 7 hours without interruption. I took the Super Fruit Product hoping it would help my joint pain but recently realized that I have had no sinus or allergy problems since taking that product. Also for the first time in seven years I have been able to walk 18 holes during my weekly golf without being fatigued and out of breath. My diet has been simple modifications of healthy foods, smaller portions, lots of water, and adjusting my attitude to eat only when hungry and stop when I am full.

The last visits to my doctors and due to the changes in my health and weight allowed them to change my schedule to yearly check-ups instead of four to six month appointments. LifesMiracle has allowed me to get my life back again and even though my heart is still damaged it is under much less stress due to the weight loss and respiratory improvement."show less.

5 Star ReviewSincerely, Don Loyd on 08/15/2010


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