Home Business Tax Savings

Reduce your taxes $300 to $600 per Month starting this week! These tax breaks are authorized by Congress only for owners of Home Based Businesses, published in the IRS code and approved by the federal tax court.

Take things you're already paying for and legally turn them into tax deductions— things like heat, electricity, rent, mileage on your automobile, vacations, computers, printers, ink, and virtually any and all costs that have to do with your home.Tax Savings Video

That's like additional income in addition to the money your business generates! The average tax savings range from $3,500 - $7,000 with some people in the higher tax brackets saving over $12,000 per year.

Home business tax advantages are one way you can pay for the startup costs of your business, a new computer, etc.

The tax laws are there to help you! Don't throw your money away because you don't apply the laws. Virtually every small business owner pays too much simply because they don't apply existing tax breaks!

Simple Qualifications
To start with, your business must be based in your home. This means:
The IRS is very specific about the requirements for qualifying for small/home based business deductions. Primarily, you must have the intent to make a profit.

Note: You don't have to make a profit to take the deductions, just be working toward making a profit) and secondly, work your business on a regular and consistent basis (I.E., an hour a day, four or five days a week, etc.)

Take a look at these forms to see how you can start saving money on your taxes:

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